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Bandhan (Loyalty Reward Program)

At not only you enjoy bulk discounts. We also offer something extra everytime to shop with us. We call it Bandhan our Loyalty reward program.

Here how it works:-

How to register for Bandhan?

You don`t have register for Bandhan seperately. When you register with us you are automatically enrolled in Bandhan.

How Bandhan Works?

  1. For every Rs. 100(EXCLUDING SHIPPING) you shop with us- you get 2 Loyalty points.
  2. Every Loyalty point is worth Rs. 1.00

Example: You Shop for Rs. 550.00(EXCLUDING SHIPPING CHARGES) you will get 10 loyalty points these 10 points are woth Rs.10.00 and on using these points you will get Rs.10 Off on your next purchase. The loyalty points you collect on first purchase you can use those points on next purchase.


The point earned on every purchase & the monetry value of points are subject to change at any time. All the registered user will be notified in 15 days advance to redeem their points before new policy takes effect.